Things Jen Likes

I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic people who I am very happy to recommend.

A massive thank you to Jack Newman, Edith Kernerman and their wonderful team at the International breastfeeding center in Toronto, Canada for allowing me to observe the fantastic work they do there. They run an extremely impressive clinic for breastfeeding mothers and have inspired me greatly.

Finn Thomas is a lovely man and an absolute expert in his field, I have watched him work on babies and he has a very gentle and holistic approach. Well worth a visit for mummy and baby.

Wow! The baby Spa is impressive it’s the Worlds first neonatal water flotation centre. The lovely Laura worked wonders on a baby I was working with who had a very traumatic birth . Laura Sevenus has created a fabulous baby spa that will leave you wishing you and your baby could visit every single day!

Gemma is a fabulous photographer who I found to be very calm and gentle with babies. The results were fantastic!

Philippa and Sally create beautifully crafted casts of baby’s hands and feet and unique pieces and jewelry with your baby’s fingerprints.

I am often asked to recommend a good agency. With its professional, knowledgeable and discreet recruitment team this one receives excellent feedback.

For all you Mummy's that are looking for a feel good treat, professional make up artist Jinty Day offers make overs in the comfort of your own home. Jinty is very warm and friendly and her make overs leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

Great Products

Moby wrap, Baby born chair, Cuddle dry towel, Morak blankets, Paca pod nappy bag, Stork sack nappy bag, Organic sheepskin rug

... details to follow on my blog.
Jen Fox